Spiritual direction is a way to become aware of ourselves in the midst of our daily lives.

The past few decades have seen a reawakening of Spiritual Direction, a spiritual practice confined for centuries to cloistered monasteries and convents.  Contemporary seekers today are happily accessing Spiritual Direction and other practices such as Contemplative Prayer, Lectio Divina, and Mindful Work such as Karma Yoga.  Seekers from all denominations, world religions, and spiritual movements are finding that having a spiritual director is a welcome addition to their life.

San Diego Spiritual Direction’s roots are unashamedly contemplative Christian.  With that being said, as an organization, we invite Spiritual Directors from all traditions to join us and welcome any serious spiritual seeker into membership, whether or not a Spiritual Director.  We welcome you to use our directory as a resource toward your search for a spiritual companion and also provide links to other organizations such as Spiritual Directors International, (www.sdiworld.org), which provide even more expansive listings.

Today as in the past, Spiritual Direction provides a way to interpret our experiences, thoughts, and feelings in relationship to our spiritual beliefs; a way to listen to the Divine Spirit in connection one’s own human spirit.  Some say that the term Spiritual Director is misleading as there is actually little directing – the director is more of a spiritual companion and any transformation that occurs in spiritual direction is more a result of grace than any effort to resolve problems or change oneself.  The director helps to uncover the obvious in the “directee’s” daily life by helping him or her to listen to what is happening within and to pay attention to what is important.  It is a relationship of authenticity and trust developed through a growing sense of knowing and being known.    Some who come to Spiritual Direction are searching for deeper meaning or have a sense of longing, discontent or dryness within.  Others may have had a spiritual encounter or a prompting to explore this part of their lives in a more serious way. 


Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy although it can be experienced simultaneously; nor is it pastoral counseling, mentoring or life coaching.  The Spiritual Director does not fix things or offer advice, but is dedicated to the relationship between two people for the sole purpose of attending to one.


Spiritual Direction sessions usually last about an hour, and are most often scheduled monthly.  Fees vary but tend to be moderate.  Although Spiritual Direction is typically done with individuals, many directors also offer group direction as well as a variety of retreats.  San Diego Spiritual Direction offers classes, workshops, and retreats focused on various aspects of the spiritual life for anyone who is interested.  Check our Calendar for a list of events.