San Diego Spiritual Direction, a non-profit corporation, is pleased to invite you to become a member.  Whether you are a certified Spiritual Director or someone who is associated with some form of soul care yourself; if you are interested in learning more about the spiritual journey and would like to learn more about Spiritual Direction; or if you are a seeker, like all of us, and you would like to just come and enjoy our educational events – we would like to invite you to join us.

Two Types of Membership

  • Spiritual Directors – those who are called to be a Spiritual Director and have completed dedicated training.

  • Affiliates – those who are not Spiritual Directors but who may be part of a “helping or caring profession” OR those who are simply interested in growing spiritually within our community.

Membership Fee

  • $50 annually for either Spiritual Directors or Affiliates.

  • The Membership Fee is tax deductible for any amount over $25.00.

  • Membership provides discounts to all San Diego Spiritual Direction educational events.

  • Membership provides a way to connect with a learning community that is welcoming and respectful of the various ways we can learn from each other.



Membership offers a resource to find the caring individual that might be just the right person to walk alongside you or someone you know.