Laurie Yackley

Laurie’s first interaction with a Spiritual Director was a few years ago during a time of transition in her life.  She had been a missionary for 27 years and was at a point in her walk with God where she needed to pause and look more deeply at that relationship and at some significant life experiences.  The process of stepping back and listening to God and to her own heart with a Spiritual Director was and continues to be a profound experience for her; one that has allowed her to grow in greater awareness of God and herself. Laurie considers it a great gift to come alongside others, to listen to their life stories and to help them notice and respond to God’s voice and presence in their lives.  Her desire is to help others grow spiritually.  Laurie has been able to experience the joy of seeing people pursue God in a variety of cultural contexts, mentoring and discipling others on their journey.  She began her training as a Spiritual Director with Christian Formation and Direction Ministries in 2014. Laurie and her husband Rob currently lead a missional community in Golden Hill.  They love spending time in the company of their neighbors and their grown children as well as their 6 grandchildren.  Laurie also enjoys coffee with friends, her neighborhood Zumba class and going for walks.