Judith Ray

Judith was led to the area of Spiritual Direction by a deeply felt, lifelong desire to grow spiritually and learn more about the presence of the Divine in her own life. She brings a highly compassionate presence and emotional availability to her clients/students and to her ministry. As a skilled Spiritual Director, Judith works by being present to her clients/students through compassionate presence, asking thought-provoking questions and ongoing support, resulting in a safe environment where one can openly explore the direction of the Divine. The subject matter of direction is that which is significant to what is important to the person seeking direction. Judith is skilled in attending to the unique diversity of her clients as a result of her training and experience in seminary, becoming an ordained Interfaith Minister, and many years as a Clinical Chaplain in a hospital setting. Judith became a Certified Spiritual Director after attending a two-year program (2008-2009) through the University of San Diego. She further completed a 30-day Residency Program (2009) at the Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA; Spiritual Direction Supervision Program (2010) through the Mercy Center, and a Group Supervision Program (2011), through the Mercy Center as well. She is a highly sought-after spiritual care provider in both the medical and private settings. Her goal is to offer ongoing compassionate support and to bring insight and spiritual healing to all who benefit.