Jane Illades

​The best part of Jane’s day is what she calls “her monastic life,” which is making a morning pot of tea and spending significant time reading, reflecting, meditating and journaling.  This is when she is in the closest communication with God and with herself.  Also part of that perfect day would be a little gardening, filling her with the joy and energy of God, and time with her husband and two sons.  Jane says that she is filled with gratitude for the “oh-so-many-blessings” of her life. Jane was initially led to Spiritual Direction by a very powerful experience of “Call,” which she continued to discern for four years before she actually began to take any training.  Studying under Sister Barbara Quinn at the University of San Diego, Jane completed the two-year program in 2003.  She has been meeting regularly with the same Spiritual Director for 20 years and also meets regularly with a Supervision group. The spiritual and religious traditions of Jane’s life have been rich and growth-giving: the progressive Disciples of Christ (her father was the pastor); the Catholic tradition (via Catholic girls’ school in Mexico for 7th through 9th grades) and living in Mexico for 54 years; next, she became an Episcopalian at age 39; and recently, at age 64, joined the United Church of Christ. As in her own sacred journey, Jane strongly believes that God is continuously inviting each of us to go deeper into our own soul and find there the freedom grounded in God-the-Spirit.  Her style of Spiritual Direction is somewhat informal and free-flowing, as she tries to listen and explore with each person how God might be trying to invite them to be a stronger, freer listener to their own soul.  Since her own tradition is Christian, she reflects that in Direction, but she believes that “God is far beyond any particular denomination or religion.”