Chris Justice

​Spiritual Direction has been an important part of Chris’s life since she was exposed to it in 1993 at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS).  Although she had no intention of becoming a Spiritual Director, Chris entered a program called A Concentration in Christian Spirituality at SFTS which led her to her first training class in Spiritual Direction, graduating in 1996.  Meanwhile Chris finished her Master’s Degree in Divinity at the same institution in 1995 and as a pastor, helped found a small urban church.  She later became a trainer for Christian Formation and Direction Ministry (CFDM) in San Diego, helping others to become Spiritual Directors.  Chris has provided Supervision to other Directors since 2006 when she completed her Supervision Training at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA.  As a Spiritual Director, Chris works primarily with conversation, listening and discerning for the Holy in the sacred journey of another.  When she is not busy with her passion of Spiritual Direction Chris is usually gardening, weaving, or traveling to visit family during the summer months. Throughout Chris’s ministry her passion has been with people on the margins.  She has been active in the Civil Rights Movement, with Vietnamese refugees; and, for the last 15 years, with people without homes.  Chris believes that being open to the movements of the Holy Spirit has brought her greater self-awareness and more of a positive direction in her life.