Angelie Ryah

Few people have a safe place where they can take off all their masks and explore who they are becoming. This can be a lonely if not anxious path to navigate alone, especially if you're feeling overwhelmed. Having a guide to listen to your soul with you can make all the difference: someone with a deep heart, wise ear, and long personal experience with navigating intense trails. As a certified spiritual director, I have the privilege of helping women and men to listen to their own inner voice along with how the Divine is moving in their lives, through good seasons and tough ones. In these sacred conversations you are helped to speak your truth, to go toward what fills you with gratitude, purpose and strength, and to gently shed what no longer fits the person you are becoming. I offer an introductory session free of charge to help you explore whether spiritual direction might be just what you’re craving for the season you’re in. I'm doing virtual sessions now, and for locals, in-person meeting can start as it becomes safe to do so. Although my own faith tradition is grounded in the wisdom of the ancient and present-day Christian mystics, I welcome anyone from other spiritual paths, or none at all. I welcome and affirm the LGBTQIA community. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a time to connect. Email: