In a changing world we seek to provide those around us with a safe place to

pursue well-being and wholeness.


to ENHANCE individual spiritual growth in the San Diego area through EXPOSURE to a variety of belief systems, EDUCATION through our community events, and as a RESOURCE for growing through spiritual direction.


to provide for those seeking a deeper path, a place to lean across cultural and traditional spiritual boundaries in an effort to gain personal and communal TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING.

We strive to provide, through our DIRECTORY, an avenue to FIND THE SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR aligning with your chosen spiritual path.


 to be a GATHERING PLACE for anyone interested in spiritual formation and spiritual direction. 

We welcome any among you who wish to move, shift, or deepen toward your truest self.

San Diego Spiritual Direction is an inclusive group of people following diverse spiritual paths who welcome those who want to join us in spiritual exploration.

We take seriously the opportunity to deepen the spiritual dimensions of our lives in association with each other and the greater San Diego community, by offering retreats, panels, and workshops that nurture spiritually all who wish to participate.

We like to meet for fellowship, sharing and connecting for our own professional and spiritual development as spiritual directors in the form of trainings, panels, talks and conversations led by members of our own group or by experts from outside our group.

We see our organization as a container for our mutual enjoyment and real growth together and we extend a heartfelt welcome to the community at large to provide expansion to our collective understanding, and possibilities for new horizons to explore.



On September 14, 2008, a group of six spiritual directors met with the goal of establishing a professional association of spiritual directors.  They shared their hopes and visions and agreed to another meeting in which they would invite other spiritual directors in the area.  On October 19, nine directors met again, discussing their individual practices, where they were fed as directors, and their desires for the newly formed group. They determined to invite other directors into their community, meet quarterly, share resources, and educate one another through their own retreats and workshops. 


That tradition has continued. Their mission statement was to exist as a professional association of spiritual directors who practice in the San Diego area and to support their common work, encourage professional growth and provide opportunities for connection.

By 2011 there were 18 members meeting regularly, scheduling retreats (some silent), reflection days, studies, and other educational events (Enneagram, practices of St. Ignatius, Wisdom of Teresa of Avila, Centering Prayer, and Christian Spirituality).

Today, we have over 20 members including spiritual directors trained in the art of spiritual direction as well as others interested in the spiritual life.  We are individually different yet we each hold the same passion for seeking life-giving movement in our respective spiritual journeys. San Diego Spiritual Direction became a 501c3 non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status in 2018.



We are led by members who volunteer their time and talents as part of a Board of three or more members. This Board also functions as the Board of Directors for the San Diego Spiritual Direction corporation.  Members of the Board each have responsibilities for different aspects of administration of the organization.  Members of SDSD are invited to plan events in collaboration with the Board.  Please contact us if you are interested.